Volunteer Screening and Non-Profit Background Checks

Did you know?

Non-Profits can be held liable (facing the same damaging legal and financial consequences as for-profits) for consequences due to background checks not being conducted, many organizations have realized the cost to NOT screen is greater.

Contact us today to discuss your volunteer screening needs with our specialist. Our 24/7 access to reports will give you the tools needed to protect you from legal consequences.


Reasons Why Volunteer Screening is Important:

    • Even though Volunteers are not an employee they represent you in public
    • Knowledge of their past behaviors avoids future problems and lawsuits
    • Reduce your Risk Management.

Reports you need to consider:

    • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) search – will they be driving an organization-owned vehicle?
    • Education and/or Professional License Verification – will they be teaching a group on a regular basis?
    • Credit Report – will they be handling any cash or checks or have access to your financial records?
    • Criminal Record search – does the volunteer have a criminal record?