Employment Background Screening

Did you know?

The legal precedent is that if the employer “could have known”, then that employer “should have known” about that person’s propensity for criminal behavior.

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Our reporting system includes:

Social Security Address Trace Report

    • This screening validates the social security number of the person in-question with all known residence addresses, utilization dates, and data over the past 7 to 10 years minimum.
    • Identifies if the person in question is living or deceased using the death index provided by social security
    • Determines in what year the social security number was issued
    • In what state the social security number was issued
    • Highlights any par aliases or other possible names associated with the person in question
    • Cross-references birth date with records from social security

7-Year Unlimited County Criminal Search

    • Runs a criminal search in every county that the person in question has lived in the last x amount of years (based upon a social security address trace pre-pull report)
    • Results are delivered within 1-10 business days, based on the county
    • The entire search process is completely automatic

InstaCriminal Nationwide Search Plus Alias

    • Immediate search of well over 125 million records from the state and county in question (multi-jurisdictional)
    • Compilation database of judicial courts, counties in question and the department of corrections
    • The most wanted list from the FBI
    • The watch list of terrorist activities
    • Nation-wide search of violent sex offenders
    • Most wanted terrorists and seeking information from the FBI
    • Most wanted Interpol list
    • Public record searches
    • Sanctions global report and watch list

InstaCriminal Single State Search

  • Specific state’s courts and agencies.
  • Database is compiled from counties, department of corrections and administrative courts.
  • FBI most wanted list
  • Terrorist watch list
  • Violent sex offender search in all 50 states
  • FBI most wanted terrorists and seeking information
  • Interpol most wanted
  • Public record indexes of record searches
  • Sanctions watch list/global report

Federal Criminal Search

    • Delivers filings from federal criminal records
    • Searches nearly 100 jurisdictions throughout the country
    • Identifies returned records for crimes which may not fall under local or state laws, including:
        • Kidnapping
        • Bank Robbery
        • Counterfeiting

MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)

    • Analyzes records compiled from the person in question’s state DMV
    • Depending on the state, these filings return information from 3-7 years of license data, and includes the following records:
        • Status of driver’s license
        • Any license revocations or suspensions
        • Moving violations
        • DUIs
        • Accumulation of points
        • At-fault driving accidents (chargeable)
        • Any departmental actions or appearances in court

CDLIS (Commercial Driver’s License Information System)

    • The American association of motor vehicle administrators (AAMVA) maintains a searchable database to ensure single license assurance across the country
    • Helps eliminate prospects whom do not have an established CDL, by complying with the FMCSA
    • These records return the person in question’s name, date of birth, social security number, known aliases, current jurisdictional state and license number, and a maximum of three CDL IDs held previously

Employment Credit Report

Accesses applicant credit history, including identifying information, public records, outstanding debt, payment history, loans and mortgages, late payments and defaults, and credit inquires. (Report provided through TransUnion)