Criminal History Reports

Social Security Address Trace Report

        • Validates user of social security number with current and previous addresses, dates utilized, historical data for past 7 to 10 years (minimum)
        • Searches social security death index to verify whether the person is living or deceased
        • Confirms the year that the social security number was issued
        • State of issue
        • Par aliases and possible maiden names
        • Checks date of birth with social security records

7-Year Unlimited County Criminal Search

        • Single County criminal search run in each county that applicants has resided in the last y years (this is based off a pre-pull of Social Security Address Trace report)
        • Results turn-around time vary based on county-approx. 1 – 10 business days.
        • Completely automated search


        • Instant multi-jurisdictional search of over 130 million State and county records
        • Database is compiled from counties, department of corrections and administrative courts.
        • FBI most wanted list
        • Terrorist watch list
        • Violent sex offender search in all 50 states
        • FBI most wanted terrorists and seeking information
        • Interpol most wanted
        • Public record indexes of record searches
        • Sanctions watch list/global report