Why Background Screenings Should be Part of Your Hiring Process

as an employer you should know about the benefits of background screening

Hiring employees can be an important part of your business. Yet, what if you hire the wrong person? While only time will tell, one of the most important parts of your employee hiring process should be background screenings on all of your potential employees. A background screening can provide education verification and employment verification, check criminal history both locally and nationally, and more. In addition, background screenings can protect your business from negligent hiring, fraud, and other issues that could put your reputation and your profits in jeopardy.


Top 4 Benefits of Background Screening


Making the wrong hire could cost you more than you think. According to this Fast Company article, 41% of companies who made a bad hire in the past year lost $25,000 because of it; another 25% of companies surveyed lost at least $50,000 due to a bad hire. Background screenings prior to making an offer to a new potential employee could help you avoid a bad hire plus reap these benefits.


  • Reduce occupational fraud: Did you know that organizations lose, on average, 5% of revenue every year due to fraud? One way to combat fraud is through a sound hiring policy that includes employment verification, credit check, education verification, and reference checks. Background Screening provides a variety of screening services and background checks to best meet your business background screening needs.
  • Protect your business from negligent hiring: Like it or not, you could be held responsible for an employee’s criminal behavior if, with proper due diligence, you “should have known” about an employee’s criminal background. Known as negligent hiring, if you “could have known” you “should have known” and you could be sued if an employee of yours engages in criminal behavior at work. With a proper new-hire screening process that includes a background check and drug testing prior to employment, you can help safeguard your business from such a claim.
  • Decrease workplace violence: Roughly 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence annually, according to the United States Department of Labor. As part of Background Screening Services’ employment screening services we conduct a robust criminal background analysis that includes a federal criminal search, county criminal search, state criminal search, and alias nationwide criminal search.
  • Boost the quality of your applicant pool: Employee background checks give you the peace of mind that you are hiring who your applicant says he/she is. A 2014 CareerBuilder survey found that 58% of applicants lie on a resume. Rather than “guess” who is telling the truth, a background screening gives you an affordable way to identify potential discrepancies. Having background screenings as part of your hiring policy also encourages only honest applicants to apply.


With a pre-employment screening from Background Screening Services, you can make a better decision about your next hire. Contact us today to learn more about how our affordable background screenings can easily integrate into your hiring process.