Fort Collins Background Checks

Employment Screening

background checks are a necessity for employers and property managers
The legal system states that an employer “should have known” about an individual’s
degree of criminal behavior if the employer “could have known” before an incident were to occur (i.e. a background check).

Childcare Personnel Screening

A poll in 2010 analyzed 39 states, in which 3,685 counts of child abuse occurred from child care providers. These organizations include day care staff, family providers, babysitters and personal maids.

Tenant Screening

$3,500 is the typical amount that an average conviction costs, as analyzed by TransUnion. Currently, eviction rates are around 2.5%, although tenant ‘skips’ are far more common to see. Skipping is when an individual leaves or abandons a property without formal notice of any kind. Rates for these instances more commonly run higher at around 6%. $1,750 is the average cost incurred from a tenant skipping out on a lease.

Volunteer & Non-Profit Screening

Unfortunately, many non-profit organizations have learned that the cost of not screening their volunteers or employees is often greater than if they were to perform thorough background checks. The legal system states that non-profit organizations can be held liable for consequences associated with failure to perform background checks.